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    Default Frontier SP2060 soil pulverizer

    Anyone use a soil pulverizer? There is a used one for sale locally and I'm thinking about picking it up. I have a few parts of the yard that need to be seeded, other parts that need to be ripped up and re-seeded, etc. Also from the research I have done it looks like it would work ok on my gravel driveway for touch up. I know a 5 footer may be a little big for my JD2320, but for the price, under $500, I'm thinking of trying it out. I was going to just use the rototiller to seed, but the ground is very rocky, my house sits on what was once a gravel yard, so I may have one stop in the yard that is sandy, and another that 3 inches down is nothing but cobble stones. When I put in my garden I removed 5 yards of stones from it..... felt bad for the tiller....
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    Default Re: Frontier SP2060 soil pulverizer

    We have a how-to video showing a pulverizer in use. That may be helpful to you.
    It is in the soil pulverizers section of our website. Just scroll to the bottom and you'll find the video.
    Ted Corriher

    A family-owned American Company that also sells quality Made in USA Implements every chance we get! We pride ourselves on giving good product information and putting the needs of our customers above our own!

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