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    Default Re: It's just sad... (flail content)

    Yea I have plowed 18 ac with a 2 bottom 16 plow many times and bush hogged 175 ac a year with a 5 ft hog, you don't think about finishing too early in the job, you just think and know in a couple of weeks you will move on to another job. Hay, fencing, working on equipment, ect.

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    Default Re: It's just sad... (flail content)

    Quote Originally Posted by leonz View Post
    Were You lucky enough to have a MM with propane for fuel Poopdeck Pappy?
    That's EXACTLY what we had. Can't remember the model designation, but it had a hand clutch on the right.

    I remember all too well the pop-off valve that was right there in front of the operating platform. In the summer heat that thing would start venting a little vapor and then eventually blow, and it sounded like World War III had started. Scared the living heck out of me every time. I finally wised up and carried a bleeder valve with me to bleed off some pressure periodically.

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    I mow 50 acres 3 times a year for a client and my quickest time was 32 hours using a 50 horse HST with a 6' bushhog! Most times are closer to 40 hours. Makes for a long week!

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