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    Default Question on 3 point hitch post drivers?

    Will a 3 point hitch post drivers set wood post(say 4x6 or 6x6) "as straight as a string"?

    Basically, when I set posts for retaining walls and fences, I plumb up both ends posts of a given section and run a string between them(over my per augured holes) and them plumb each post to the string and brace it off.

    After watching videos of post drivers, this would eliminate a lot of work if they can be driven accurately enough to keep them plumb and within 1/4" +/- of being on the same plane.

    Having never even laid eyes on a post driver, I have no idea how accurate they can drive a post.

    I find it had to believe they can drive a cross tie into red Georgia clay, but I have seen claims to that effect.
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    Default Re: Question on 3 point hitch post drives?

    Not sure about a 1/4 inch tolerance requirement but yes most posts are driven straight and aligned very well. Most pro fencers and vineyard managers drive posts without a pilot hole for speed. Tractors and skidsteers are often the vehicle of choice with the occasional truck, trailer, or excavator being used. Up here where it is rocky farmers/ranchers might do a pilot hole with a rock spike or rock auger which is an swing attachment with some drivers(Wheatheart & others). Check in your area what pro fencers do to set posts......Gary

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    Default Re: Question on 3 point hitch post drives?

    Gary, thanks for the reply.

    It sounds like a post driver may fit the bill.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Default Re: Question on 3 point hitch post drives?

    If your driving a square post, a pilot hole would almost be a neccessity. We pilot our 4" and 6" posts regularly with the same auger. Just go a little deeper and clean the hole really well for a 6". It also takes a little longer to drive the bigger diameter posts. The key to it all is getting the hole straight and plumb in the beginning. Once you drive a post in, there isn't any wiggle. I would be hesistant to try and get 1/4" +/- with a driver. But for a fence line, where pretty darn close works well, game on.
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    Default Re: Question on 3 point hitch post drives?

    Having just finished driving several hundred posts, I can echo what has been said. A straight pilot hole is essential for the tolerances you seek. And if the soil contains many rocks that may not be possible. Straightness is highly dependent upon soil conditions. Willie Jones

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    Default Re: Question on 3 point hitch post drives?

    A post driver will give you the most accurate alignment of posts & are far better than any PTO digger in clay; as others have suggested though soil conditions will play a significant role in how much deflection will result but in clay without rock they should be fine .
    The key when digging pilot holes is to match the auger to the post to be driven ( the auger should be no greater than 75% of the post diameter).
    For your interest here's one of our drivers (we do many miles of fencing each year on our farms) - be cautious about buying cheaper units as generally they don't hold up well if it's a heavy/commercial application -
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