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    Default Re: Box blade recommendations? Weight?

    Quote Originally Posted by schmism View Post
    Its always easy to add weight to a BB. I have an inexpensive one that i picked up for $200. probability weighs no more than 300lbs. but i added a 5' of RR rail which more than doubled the weight.

    for the record at twice the weight, it performs much better.
    Any pics of the railroad track installed?


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    Default Re: Box blade recommendations? Weight?

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenChalmers View Post
    Hi Devin,

    I used to live in Parker before buying my small acreage in Castle Rock.

    I suppose it could. I guess I don't tend to push a huge amount of material with the back of the box scraper.

    I tinkered with weight hanging inside the box and I find that is the worst because if you drag a large amount of material then you can end up filling the box and literally pushing the weights out the top.

    What I love about hanging the PaverWeights on the back of the box scraper is that it increases their effect since they are further behind the rear axle.
    Hanging off the back would pull on the rear blade more than the front blade to some degree. Not sure if it would be enough to affect the cutting action, but in theory it wouldn't help as much as something more forwards. Leverage won't particularly help here as if my engineering is right, any leverage pulling down behind the box blade would end up decreasing weight on the tractor to some degree.

    I'd already thought inside would pose multiple issues as well. However if you used the same basic mechanism to clamp the back wall, but put the pavers over the top, it would help out & be a bit more universal. Might need some more lateral bracing to balance them up there, but it might work a bit better.

    I've got 3 scraper blades chained to the top of my 72" box right now. At least 1 is to short & one hangs over on both sides. Ugly but effective.

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    Default Re: Box blade recommendations? Weight?

    Weight is weight and the length of the top link will effect cutting action more than anything else. The whole idea of adding weight is to increase cutting action so you'd have the 3 pt. all the way down anyway. Having more weight doesn't help if you don't have enough HP or traction and would likely void warranty.

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    Default Re: Box blade recommendations? Weight?

    It does not matter if a box blade weighs 1500#'s or 250#'s...if when dragging,cutting, encounters something like a root or a rock that the mass of the BB can't over power (pull up) will still raise the implement allowing at least part of the payload to escape the box...
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    Default Re: Box blade recommendations? Weight?


    Absolutely true.

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    Default Re: Box blade recommendations? Weight?

    The best tip I have for using a box scraper is to get a hydraulic top link so that the operator can seamlessly switch from the front and rear blades.

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