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    Default Bush Hog

    Hey everybody.Im not sure if this is the right place to do this but hopefully someone can help me out here. I bought a rotary mower a few yrs ago and Im not sure what brand or model it is. On the underside of the deck,there is a round plate that the blades bolt to which the shaft is connected to. This plate in turn seems to be loose.The shaft goes up thru the deck into the gearbox. Its very loose but Im not sure how to fix it as I dont know the Make of the cutter. Im adding some pics to help out.Thanks alot! Bush Hog-100113113346-jpgBush Hog-100113113423-jpgBush Hog-100113113308-jpgBush Hog-100113113332-jpg

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    Nice cutter. Its a bushhog brand, Either a 305 or 306 model, depending on if its a 5' or 6' model.

    Here is a manual

    That round plate is called a stump-jumper. It is held on with the big nut in the middle. It is a tapered shaft with a keyway. Best case scenario is the nut is just a bit loose. If it has been like this for awhile, the key is likely chewed up.

    Worst case is the shaft and taper in the stump jumper is wollered out and will need re-machined or re-placed. Sometimes you can get by using a large washer under the nut, which forces the stump jumper farther up onto the shaft taper making it tight again.

    It is a very nice heavy duty cutter. Certainly not something like you see at TSC. And well worth repairing.

    Oh, and I dont remember off the top of my head, but that nut may be a left-handed thread????
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