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    Default Kubota BH77 toothless bucket edge protection

    I live with soft soil, most of my digging is trenching for water removal, do not do deep digging and have removed the teeth that came with the BH77 on my 16" bucket, 4 or 5 of them. This allows for smooth bottom of the trench. When I do dig I'm worried that over time I will start to ware the flat front edge, same edge with the holes to re-install the teeth. Is there a beefy flat edge that can be bolted on to help protect the bucket edge? Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Kubota BH77 toothless bucket edge protection

    Surprised there's been no response to your question??

    Any welding metal fab place can easily make a bolt on, sharpened edge for your bucket - shouldn't cost much either. If you use the bucket as-is, and it does get worn, there are hardfacing welding rods and wire (for wire feed machines - MIG) that can quickly build up the worn surface, and with harder steel too. This should also be inexpensive to do.

    If you weld - - it's *really* easy to do!


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