Boys, I have just seen the absolute best brushhog, shredder, rotary mower, (what should one call it), ever. I want one bad after just one look.... A couple of men came by this afternoon clearing out the power line right-of-way. They had two Massy tractors 4WD with this incredible mower.. There was one with a 5 foot and one with a 6 foot mower. Both were made by the man who ownes the company. Talk about heavy duty... The frame was made out of heavy 2 inch square tube. Side skids were 3/4 by 3 inch plate full length. They used four regular cutter blades that were attached to a 36 inch diameter plate 1 inch thick. Just the plate should be in the range of about 750 pounds... One guy said that the mower would round about 2500 pounds. The back of the deck was a truss of the 2 inch square tube for backing over trees. These units were awsome. It is just incredible what they will cut. I will try to get some pictures tomorrow.