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    Default Need help with PHD decision

    Hello Everyone,

    Like an idiot I originally posted this in the wrong forum and decided that it would get more exposure by posting it here. Anyway, my boss wants to buy me a post hole digger as a Christmas present and I am thinking about the 6900HD from ETA. Just looking for opinions on this vs. the other PHD's out there for under $1000. Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW, tractor is a Ford 2600 (~32 pto hp). Thanks!


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    Used ones around here seem to run under $500-600 or about the same as a cheap new one from the local farm supply store.

    Not much to them other than the gear box. Probably won't hurt to go cheap or used unless you will be using it a lot or in gnarly ground.

    Another $300+ for a down pressure kit.

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    Default Re: Need help with PHD decision

    Justin -
    Since you live in Richmond check out AgriSupply in Petersburg, their phd's.

    As I wrote before:
    Quote Originally Posted by newbury View Post
    Well I now know the brand, quality, difficulty of assembly and if it will work on my B7610.
    First of all - This might be lengthy.

    My travels brought me within about 2 miles of the Petersburg, Va store so I decided to swing by and maybe get a PHD.

    Agrisupply now lists 3 tractor posthole diggers:
    #48598 Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger $359.95
    #31391 Posthole Digger 50 HP $339.95
    #69499 3 Point Post Hole Digger Frame With Gearbox $349.95

    I thought any one of the three would do for me, but I like to see things before I buy them.

    SO I get there and look. They only had 1 set up, the #31391, and I was told they others in crates, but no #48598's, just #31391's and #69499's, the store guys referred to the #69499's as the "black ones". (They said the metal shroud on it was much cheaper).

    Well the #31391 Posthole Digger 50 HP looked ok to me (definitely no Bush Hog but hopefully sturdy enough). So I bought it, a #56932 (9" auger for Dale Philips), and a #56933 (12" auger for Dale Philips). Then also a handful of shear bolts of both sizes. Agrisupply carries 2 line of augers, these looked like the heavier duty ones.

    I forgot gear oil, had to buy that later.

    Assembly was straightforward. The only problem was I couldn't get the oil drain plug out, but I'll get that later.

    Quality - The metal looks good, heavy. The paint job is less than adequate. It's like an afterthought. Big drips, bolts painted solid. Almost reminds me of a rattle can paint job.

    So I put it together and found that everything fit and with my 3 PT raised to the max I had about two or three inches of clearance for the point of the auger to miss the ground
    Attachment 312493

    Attachment 312494

    Drilled several hole in fairly soft soil. Seems to work well and a good bang for the buck.
    I've only used it a few times and it has done fine.
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    Default Re: Need help with PHD decision


    Thanks for reminding me about Agri. This KingKutter model looks kind of interesting. Has a different kind of "butterfly" flighting on it and a slip clutch. Keep in mind my boss is buying this so I want to get the best one for the money. If anyone has had any experience with the KK I would like to hear about it.

    3 Pt. Post Hole Digger, 12 In. Butterfly Style Auger | Agri Supply

    I am leaning towards the ETA 6900HD at this point since for the money it seems like the best thing out there but hard to tell unless I had some different models in front of me. I may just head over to Agri and check out there PHD's in person and then go to a bushhog dealer as a higher end comparison. Thanks for the info.


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    Default Re: Need help with PHD decision

    I have the 6900HD from EA. However I have nothing else to compare it to, so my "dislikes" may exist in any other PHD out there...

    The good: It digs holes. What else can I say, it's a post hole digger.

    The Annoying:
    1) Paint flakes off.
    2) The shield for the PTO shaft (at the gearbox) isn't "bent" right from the factory - or it IS bent, which is the same issue stated differently. At any rate, it "rubbed" the rubber/plastic cover off the PTO shaft. Bend it up if you can (it's very thick metal and a rather short piece at that). You'll need a vise most likely.
    3) The chains for the lower PTO shaft are weak at best. They came off while in use and wrapped themselves around the shaft which resulted in DEEP cuts on the shaft itself. I think this "safety feature" did more damage than good. Call me brazen, but if I had it to do over I'd take this off.
    4) I don't recall if the lock rings for the pins to attach to the 3-pt arms were included or not, but it's a good idea to NOT use them if they are. Mine decided to pop loose while in operation which resulted in a rather nasty dismount of the unit from the tractor. The top link held, but the torque bent the heck out of the top mounting bar on the PHD. Now I have to adjust the side to side on the 3-pt arms to get the PHD level. Once again - I do NOT recall if those lock rings came with the PHD, but I've replaced mine with keyed master locks (I keep the key on the tractors key ring). Trust me - it ain't gonna fall off now!

    There are no "Bad" items to report in all honesty - just the above mentioned annoyances. I'll add that I've stuck this PHD several times and had to use a second tractor to pull it out of the ground, but that's a soil issue and has no bearing on the unit itself other than to say it worked fine once I unstuck it. I've dropped about 150 holes so far with several hundred left to go. I have no doubt the unit is up to the remaining tasks - just not sure it will look very "pretty" once I'm done...

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    Default Re: Need help with PHD decision

    I have owned a few post hole diggers. Bush Hog brand is by far the best post hole digger that I have ever owned.
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    Default Re: Need help with PHD decision

    I know it's far from you, but thought I would ad the info just in case.
    My dealer had a clearance sale of Land Pride implements from which I bought my box blade.
    I just checked his stock, and he has three items left.
    One Land Pride PD10 for $525, and one 317-109a (9" auger for PD10) $225
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