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    Heres mine i love the split fire
    I've never ever needed to use the tractor to go get wood or move rounds etc in the middle of splitting. I gather wood several days cut it into rounds until I have enough to keep the splitter busy for 3 or 4 hours or more. I reposition the tractor as I move through the pile.

    That said I intend to eventually build my own trailer and convert it to gas. The cost of a single 600 hour oil change ~$650 and a 300 hour oil change ~$160 cover the cost of a commercial 9hp honda motor and heavy duty ~ 16 gpm pump.
    If your looking at a 6hp honda they can generally be found for about $200.
    My tractor has a max flow of 17 gpm to the outlets. I run it at about 2100 rpm and get a calculated flow of roughly 14 -15 gpm. Burning about 0.5 gph of diesel. Anyway I look at it the gas motor is more cost effective in the long run. Considering ever major oil change in the tractor will cover the cost of a brand new 9hp comercial Gas motor. I like the 3 point for now I was not willing to buy the gas version for a couple thousand more than twice the price. Split fire was definitely worth it with the 4 way and log lift is worth the $500 it not only lifts 500 lb rounds but it also makes an awesome table


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    Default Re: 3 pt log splitters? anyone own one?

    I understand what you guys are saying . A log splitter is more effective with their own engine. I don't even have the house right now as I still am in the process of buying one now. I can't believe my eyes period!!!! This month my electric bill is 230$........ ughjjj I live in a 880 square foot apartment. That electric is the highest I have paid in my life!!! If I found a stand alone log splitter/PTO powered I could power it with my john Deere model A. Cheap on gas? No. Cost effective ? No. But I don't expect to have to split a lot of wood. I was just seeing what deals I might run into in a year and a half. Electric heating is so expensive..... I'm ready to cut my own firewood and spilt as I have worked with a logger for years and have spent hours splitting firewood. I'm just about to loose it with an electric bill this high for very little space.... I would enjoy a combination of heating with wood and something else. I will work hard to save some money. And yes wood is not the most $ effective option either, but I enjoy standing by a wood fire place.

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    Default Re: 3 pt log splitters? anyone own one?

    I have the Timberwolf TW-3HD pto powered splitter. Excellent piece of equipment, it will split just about anything. I got it with the 4way wedge which I use 100% of the time. I have even considered building a 6way wedge for it.

    I bought it because I was fed up with recurring repairs on my TSC stand alone splitter (engine/carb, fuel tank, hydraulic pump...) It's nice having the reliable diesel key start of the kubota

    I run my M5040 at around 1500 rpm if I'm working alone, and 18-2000 if I have someone working with me. I don't see having it on the tractor as a drawback, it means I only have to haul one piece of equipment to the woodpile. I did add a crane and winch and tongs for lifting heavy rounds onto the splitter.

    I really don't see the additional tractor hours as a big deal. If I would sell the tractor after ten years, how much of a difference would it make whether it had 400 hours or 600 hours?

    It will NOT work on smaller tractors. I tried it on my B2710 and the pto load dead stopped the engine at the end of the stroke! ("Stalled" the engine would be too mild of a term, it was like it hit a concrete wall!)

    Another drawback is the weight of the Timberwolf. It's not easy to install on the 3 point, so it's not something that I switch back and forth on a daily basis.

    If I were to do it over again, I definitely like Timberwolf equipment but I might look into a gas engine model....until I see the price on one of them!

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    Default Re: 3 pt log splitters? anyone own one?

    I my own vertical 3-pt splitter, originally for a 1958 JD 520. When I sold that tractor & bought my 04-790, I added the control valve to he splitter & longer hoses to connect to the loader bucket quick connects. I just tie off the joy stick with a bungee cord & use the open center valve on the splitter.

    It's not fast, but I work alone works as fast as I do! As for hours on the tractor, my 04 had 385 hours when I got it years ago & I only add about 100 hours/year! In my situation, I don't need another engine to keep up, I have too many already! ~~ grnspot
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