This post might belong under one of the "Buying a . . . " areas, but it has to do with implements so I'll post it here.

I'm going through some initial quotes I've gotten on the big three different makes (20 hp - 24 hp range). I've asked for prices for tractor and loader, then for a complete package with finish mower and tiller. I've been pretty happy with the individual tractor/loader prices, but the implement prices have seemed really high. One of the quotes had a discount off list of less than 5% for the OEM finish mower and tiller. The non-OEM (Woods, Landpride, etc.) haven't come in much better (maybe 10% off list, maximum).

It seems from some older posts that the area where I live does not see very good discounts on non-OEM, probably due to overall lack of sales volume. However, shouldn't the OEM implements be discounted at a discount that is at least close to the tractor/loader itself, IF bought as part of a total package?


- Rob