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    Default Kubota L3800 mower options

    Brother closed escrow Friday on an old pioneer homestead and I went over Saturday with my ride on Craftsman mower to lend a hand.

    Seven hours later I had the 30" high grass around the home and outbuildings cut and had to refuel 5 times!

    Found I could make the best headway by taking 1/4 passes because the grass was so tall

    Being as carefull as I could... I still managed to find old barbed wire, cinderblock, stumps, bailing wire and assorted T-posts laying out in the fields and hillside.

    I'm sure my 7 hours yesterday equals the wear and tear of my past 7 years of ownership!

    Anyway, he will take delivery of his new L3800 in the next 10 days and has asked for mower advice.

    Back on my Grandparents Dairy Farm all was done with sickle bar mowers on fields mowed for generations...

    Some have suggested a bushog and others have told him to get a flail mower and others disc around perimeters.

    Right now there are no plans for the grass other than keeping the Fire Marshall happy... land is mostly flat around the homestead with a back drop of rolling hils... this is California so the summer nothing grows with irrigation...

    Any pros and cons on how to proceed.

    The previous owners had a 150 goats raised for meat plus boarded pasture horses on the back 40 which will be a topic of another thread soon.

    On a side note... he bought the place as-is and there was a ton of old iron around a couple of weeks ago... plows, scales, harrows, etc... the estate hired someone to clean up the place and every thing of metal is gone... even the old hit and miss pump engine, wagon wheels and things like the 8' lumber jack saws bolted to the barn siding... in 160 years in one family a lot of things accumulated...

    We have mixed feelings... on one had it's gone... 20 loads in a 40' stock trailer were hauled out... on the other hand a lot of interesting old stuff is probably gone to scrap.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 mower options

    probably hauled off enough artifacts to pay for the farm, the tractor and a new mower.
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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 mower options

    If he just wants to keep the grass down but doesn't care about a manicured appearance, a flail mower is a good choice anywhere near the house or other buildings. Flails don't throw debris like a bush hog or finish mower. Flails also give a much better appearance than bush hogs. My brother and I are restoring an old Alamo flail, and so far I love it.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 mower options

    Bushhog would be the cheapest and simplest option. And they are usually abundant used for not much $$$. So if ya tear one up you aint out much. No matter what you yet, metal, fence, and rocks are hard on any kind of mower.
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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 mower options

    Another vote for a bush hog. That tractor will handle a 5' one fine.


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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 mower options

    Went with a Landpride 60" rear cutter and top and tilt...

    L3800 was delivered today and it was like Christmas in May except for the part writing the check...

    Everyone is happy so it's the new addition...

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