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    Default MX 8 Pull Behind Lift

    I've purchased a MX8 pull behind for my incoming 5085 E Cab. I opted this option due to the land shape but wanted to know, can you lift the MX8 up for loading on a trailer etc.. if so how high can you lift? Or if not, how come? Any help would be appreciated. I could have went with the 3 pt setup and less cost but for the type of land I have, I feel this is a better option and was told that it would give me a better cut with the pull behind.

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    Default Re: MX 8 Pull Behind Lift

    If you have an FEL on your tractor it should lift it easily. I would think it weighs less than 2000# just guessing but then pull behind might be much heavier than a 3 PH. I have a 7 foot with a homemade 1/4" deck made from checker plate that is actually a bit thicker than standard 1/4" plate and I lift it easily with my tractor's FEL.
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    Default Re: MX 8 Pull Behind Lift

    Are you talking about lifting it with the 3pt hitch? As it raising it up and driving it up the trailer? If so you can not lift it up off the ground with the 3pt hitch. You can alter a simi mount into a 3pt hitch with parts but I'm thinking you can't alter a tow behind mower into a simi-mount/3pt hitch. Sorry if I'm confused on your question.

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    Default Re: MX 8 Pull Behind Lift

    A pull-type mower only raises and lowers with a hydraulic cylinder that rotates a rockshaft that pivots the mower's wheels up or down. The wheels are always in contact with the ground. Pivoting the wheels up or down raises or lowers the deck of the mower. There is no mechanism for lifting the wheels off the ground.

    There is an MX8 model with a "semi lift" mechanism. I'm not familiar with it, but it looks like it raises and lowers the same way as a pull-type mower, but it attaches to the lower 3-point arms rather than to the tractor's drawbar. It should allow you to raise or lower the front of the mower with the 3-point arms but the rear of the mower is still going to be sitting on the mower's wheels.

    Edit: It looks like 3 of us decided to answer this at the same time.


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    My jd 5105m fel easily lifts my mx8 3pt mower.


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