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    Default Any one have a pto compressor?

    I use a lot of air tools around the place, nailers, staplers for the fence. I have 300 ft of air hose, but tired of dealing with it and wont reach all the places. I could put a gas compressor on a trailer, but hate to deal with gas around here. With the pto, I could get all lots of cfm.
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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    Ive been inerested in this too.

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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    Might be easier to get a PTO generator then put an electric air compressor on a trailer you could tow. The PTO generator would, IMHO, be more versatile.

    If you look around TBN a bit, you'll see where folks have added a tow hitch to various implements (box blades and chippers mostly) so they could tow a trailer (as well as the attached implement).

    Just a thought...
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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    I use a cheap old pancake compressor I run off a generator.

    Harbor freight makes a 1050 RPM compressor that could be direct driven and still provide decent air, especially if you have a multi-speed PTO. Here are the main components. Add a PTO driveline and plumbing, frame, etc. Some machine work to attach the driveline.
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    And this: 11 Gallon Portable Air Tank
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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    I have two different types. One is an ancient John Deere single cylinder pump that does work but is a better barn ornament. My other one is a twin cylinder Eolomatic. Don't need a tank for it. Runs air tools and fill tires.

    Probably not a good idea to mention a PTO generator driving a compressor, though. Someone will try to hook it up to their main panel during a power outage and literally blow-up some innocent lineman in another county. You just never know how some people think. Plus, somebody's live at home 30 year old kid may try to blow up his girl-friend's tires with the 220v cord and cause her to break up with him. He probably won't get a thank-you card but I guaranteed his fingernails will be clean...
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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    3pt hitch "carry all" to fit generator / air compressor. my issues is i always need extra tools for various jobs, and needing a spot to place the tools so they don't rattle/roll/shake off and get lost on me. along with a space to coil up hoses and like. a trailer, can work, but like you, lifting a generator / air compressor up on trailer and then tieing everything down, so they don't roll and crash into the ground :/ there are some pretty nifty carry all builds on this forum, and ability to lower carry all, nearly all the way to the ground. to load heavier items onto it can be a nice thing!

    i remember seeing someone using pullies, and a compressor, and fabricating some metal, to create a 3pt hitch pto driven air compressor.

    with tractors comes hydraulics you can use, possibly getting a hyd motor, and swapping electrical motor for hyd motor. hooking up the electrical pressure switch, to a hyd diverter solenoid valve or like so compressor is not constantly running and building up air to possible dangerous exploding levels.

    i am a tad un easy, just hooking a compressor directly to PTO itself. more so on tractors that do not have independent PTO, and uses some sort of electrinics to control the PTO ON/off operation. and know how to tie into those electronics. its that whole building up pressure to dangerous exploding levels, to having pressure relief valve constantly being open.

    constantly running compressor = over heating issues and damage to compressor possibly. not to mention wear and tear. ya you are going down a fence line or working on a project, and ya get into something, thinking ya this will only take a couple minutes to deal with, and will keep compressor on and running, then it turns out to be 5 minutes then another couple minutes, then more... the ability for auto shutting off compressor once you have the pressure you want/need is important to me.

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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    Likely the OP has everything now to run portable air (air compressor and genset) and would just need to get something to haul it all on. A whole lot less trouble to just bolt down your compressor feet (they already have holes for this) and set your generator on a carryall and have at it. Likely will burn less fuel (8-10 hours on one tank of fuel) than your tractor turning full PTO speed throttle also as the genset would idle down when not in use.
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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    I had one set up to run off a Listeroid engine. Search craigslist for a burned out compressor and use that head. Bring the pto into a jackshaft with a pair of bearings and then a belt over to the compressor motor. You'll have enough power to run the compressor at idle, so figure out your pto speed and then adjust the drive pulley size as required. Usually these compressors are splash lubed, so don't under or over rev them by too much. A small air tank and unloader valve will be required.
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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

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    Default Re: Any one have a pto compressor?

    A wheelbarrow compressor with a blown motor will give you almost every component you need.
    Dave J.

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