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    Default Lubricating Wallenstein Chipper

    Does anyone else with a Wallenstein BX42 chipper have trouble getting grease into the main bearing grease fittings? I have no trouble greasing any drive shaft fittings or any of the other fittings on my tractor - the grease starts to come out of the joint and I know I've done the job - but when I try to get grease into the main bearing it just comes out where the tip meets the fitting. Is this normal because of the tight nature of the bearing or am I missing something? I've removed the fittings and they're not blocked so that's not the issue.

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    Default Re: Lubricating Wallenstein Chipper

    Remove fittig and put in grease gun to see if it flows out then.
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    Default Re: Lubricating Wallenstein Chipper

    1. Give the rotor a turn and try pushing in grease with the rotor in two or three different positions.

    2. Use an ice pick or other sharp pointed tool to "test" depression of ball in Zerk head.

    3. Is the grease old, hard and dark in the Zerk or Zerk channel to the bearing? You may need some solvent to clean out the Zerk and/or Zerk channel. If you lift out the rotor and bearings as a unit (HEAVY) you should be able to clean out the channel with a pipe cleaner.

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    The fitting may be bottoming out. Try backing it off a little and try again. If the bearing accepts grease afterwards you may have to file a small notch at the bottom face of the fitting so you can tighten it and still pump grease.

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