Last year I purchased an end of production Woods LC102 loader for my 2003 New Holland TC29D tractor. It came complete with the kit. When preparing to install the kit and loader this spring, I discovered I have the wrong mounting Kit, the 2200015, which is for larger tractors. What I actually need is the 2200014 kit which is smaller and less beefy. We have been back and forth with Woods directly and Woods distributors to see about a possible exchange. Because of time and the loader being an end of production, the best I can do with Woods is to purchase a new kit.

My options at this time are:
* Purchase the 220014 kit
* Have someone fabricate the kit
* Continue to look for a used kit

One other option I have is to purchase a used New Holland mounting kit. I believe the kit is for the 110TL or 230TL.

Would anyone know if the Woods 220014 Mounting Kit and the New Holland Kit are of the same dimensions? Would there be any need for tweaking/improvising the New Holland Kit to fit a Woods loader?