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    Default Mower deck for kubota box-23

    I am considering buying a used 2004 bx-23 tractor with loader and back hoe. I really want a mower deck for the tractor but have not found a rck60-22 for sale anywhere. Is this the only deck that will work? If so is it going to be impossible to find one for sale?

    I need to finalize the purchase by Monday morning, so I would like to know about the deck by then. Can anyone give me advice on this?

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    Default Re: Mower deck for kubota box-23

    you can get 3pt hitch finishing mowers for a variety of manufactures. woods (company) comes to mind. and can work on any type of tractor with a 3pt hitch.

    but for belly mowers / mid mount mowers, that fit between front and rear tires. you are more likely manufacture make/model specific. contacting a kubota dealer more likely needed to find something / check on prices if they even make them any more.

    if memory serves kubota website should have an "online parts manual" to look up part numbers. mower deck might have a complete package model number for it.

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