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    Default loader adapter for skidloader attachment

    I have been looking for a way to use some skidloader attachments on my 420 jd loader. I found this site What do you think about my lift capacity around 1000lbs adding 85lbs or so for the adapter to use skidloader attachments which are heavier. I would like to use the adapter plate to attach to my standard bucket then get the pallet forks. Am I adding to much weight to effectively use my loader?

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    Default Re: loader adapter for skidloader attachment

    I had the ATI Tach-All added to my Ford 2120 probably 6 years ago. It was one of the best things I've done to that machine. My TN also uses the New Holland Quick Attach which is compatable. To add to the 2120, it pined on to the loader and the ears on the bucket were cut off and the attachment plate was welded on. I also now use pallet forks, rock forks, a grapple and 2 bucket sizes which I can change in a couple of minutes. I'm not sure how much you'll notice it's weight in real life. Remember the ears on the bucket which get cut off subtract weight and the fact that the forks are in much closer than bucket mount forks adds substancial lift capacity. I didn't notice a difference with the 2120 and it's 2000+ lb lift capacity. At this point any new machine I get will have the quick attach.


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    Default Re: loader adapter for skidloader attachment

    It looks like the one for Deere loader loader would be an adapter to the existing Deere quick attach. Therefore, no conversion is necessary. Easy and cheap!
    The 420 does not have a whole lot of capacity. But, I think that the "pucker factor" will probably kick in before you get into any trouble.
    Take it easy and keep your work expectations within reason and you should be fine. I saw a post on this same quick attach the other day and the owner said that their loader would break before the adapter would. That sounds like a winning endorsement.

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    Default Re: loader adapter for skidloader attachment

    I inquired with ATI Corp ( about their products in relation to my 4100 and 410 loader. The response I got was that they used to make both an adapter and a permanent quick-attach, but discontinued the permanent (pin-on) quick-tach. The adapter was much more popular because nobody wants to mess around changing their OEM JD bucket to skid-steer mount if they don't have to. I would agree.

    I wish I could find a dealer in my area who knows enough about ATI (preseeder) to sell me one at a good price.

    <font color="green">
    Mr. Keeney,
    Thanks for your interest in our Tach-All adapter for Deere 400-series loaders. I'll try to answer your questions.
    1) The adapter pictured is a model QA-JD2 quick attach adapter which will fit John Deere 210, 410, 420, 430, &amp; 460 loaders.
    2) We only make a permanent quick attach for the John Deere 80 &amp; 440 pin-type loaders. The permanent-mount model did not sell very well, so we disregarded any further models like it. Honestly, you are the first person to enquire about one in the last 4-5 years.
    Customers like the fact that they don't need to convert their current Deere attachments to the skid steer mount...saving them hundreds of dollars.
    3) We stock dozens of the weld-on plates, so you may order as many as you want.
    4) We have sold to a number of dealers in your area, but no Deere dealers. The skid-steer compatible Tach-All quick attach concept has been gaining momentum VERY slowly with Deere dealers. We have only one or two Deere dealers stocking these in the whole country! However, 2004 sales look to be on a pace to be twice last year's.
    5) The retail price is $575.00. It can be shipped via FedEx Ground for $45-50.
    Just contact your Deere dealer of choice to order one. We are adding new dealers virtually every day. We are aware of Scharber &amp; Sons of Long Lake, as well as a Polfus Implement store in Rosemount.
    The QA-JD2 Tach-Alls are in stock and can go ground service.
    Yours truly,
    Jack Herr
    ATI Corporation
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    Default Re: loader adapter for skidloader attachment

    That was one of the things on the plus side for chosing Cub Cadet. My 7360 has the universal quick attach as standard equipment. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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