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    Default understanding hydraulics

    Has anyone had experience plumbing a power beyond unit on their tractor, or know where I might find this information. I will be buying several attachments (incl. post driver) that require pwr. beyond, and I'd like to plumb it myself.
    Thanks, hess.

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    Default Re: understanding hydraulics

    hess, we'd probably need more information. There are lots of ways to do it, depending on what you want the result to be. Do you have a front end loader that is currently using a control valve with power beyond? Do you just want quick couplers and lines to the rear, and are you going to put another valve(s) on the tractor or just get the hydraulics to implements with their own valves? It can get a bit complicated, and I'm not the best qualified to answer your question; at least not without a lot of specific information. LarryT has the plumbing from the power beyond loader valve to another valve for his hydraulic tip 'n tilt, whereas, I plumbed mine from an optional hydraulic outlet on my kubota. You can probably find a lot of information on this forum and and on the CTB, but there's been so much, you might have to search awhile to read it all.


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    Default Re: understanding hydraulics

    Checkout Bush Hogs manual site. Then click on Backhoes. You will need Acrobat Reader to see the manuals. They have a couple of different hookups for Power Beyond Hydraulics.

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    Default Re: understanding hydraulics

    Bird and ronjhall,

    Thanks for the input.

    My front loader is not connected to a power beyond unit (the dealer called it a remote), therefore, I cannot use these lines to run my post driver. Due to the required flow, I need a power beyond unit that can handle implements such as B.hoes, drivers, etc. I stopped by the dealer yesterday, just to take a look at a power beyond unit already installed, and it seemed rather simple looking.

    Then, I spoke with a mechanic, and he said that I'd have to remove the fender, the right rear wheel, and that I'd need air wrenches, torque wrenches. etc. For skilled professionals, with every tool imaginable, it was a 3 hour job.

    I figured that I might be getting in over my head - so the $50/hr in labor sounds pretty reasonable at this point. I think I'll practice honing my plumbing skills on something a little less valuable than my JD.

    Thanks again, hess.

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