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    Default Backhoe for Kubota L3410...Need some advice

    Hello everyone. We just bought a 97 kubota L3410 with a Woods loader on it (don't know the model, haven't looked yet [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]) for orchard use and we might end up using it a little for our landscaping business. Mainly, we would be using the backhoe for jobs that we couldn't justify going to the rental place and renting a compact excavator for a day, small jobs bascially. We still want a quality built machine without breaking the bank. I have searched on here and have heard that Bradco is a good choice, but I heard that they're kind of spendy. Ideally, I would like to find a used hoe for about 3-4K that is in good working order. Eventually, I will need a thumb on it, whether it be hydraulic or fixed, I'm not horribly picky about that because if I have to do alot of rock placement I'm going to rent an excavator that has a hydraulic thumb anyway. Would the Bradco 509 backhoe fit our machine and perform well and will it be possible for me to find a used hoe for about 3-4K? Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Backhoe for Kubota L3410...Need some advice

    Somebody out there must have some information for me! I'm open to ideas guys. Thanks

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    Default Re: Backhoe for Kubota L3410...Need some advice

    The Bradco 509 is indeed a great piece of equipment, but you are right about the cost, and it is probably just a bit much for your 3410's internal hydraulics and it is kinda heavy as well. kubota did not recommend their heavier, subframe backhoe (comparable to the 509) for installation on the 3010 and 3410's.

    Keep an eye on Ebay and any other place where used equipment goes on the market. You can often find a used Kubota 4690 (their 3 pt style unit) or other brands, such as Woods and Bush Hog, that are in the $3-4k range.

    These will usually be 3pt units in 6.5 or 7 ft size, but they are good basic backhoes for light-medium use. Good bet that one of these would fit your 3410. Probably more important finding one in good condition than which particular brand.

    If you surf the web a while, you'll eventually spot some brand-new, unknown brand import hoes selling in the $3-4k price range. I don't know of anyone that actually bought one of them, but they seem to be pretty light duty, just going by the descriptions. Also, you'd have to consider whether you want something that complicated unless there is some local service available.

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    Default Re: Backhoe for Kubota L3410...Need some advice

    I am also looking to buy a backhoe for my kubota 3010. Everyone in my area carries bush hog brand, of course it comes in favorite colors:blue,green and orange. i just went to the bush hog home page and looked at the specs and decided the BH750 was my best choice. I going to get price in the next couple days. Has anyone had any experience with this brand? all comment appreciated. bush hog home page is if anyone is interested. no used backhoe to be found at my local dealerships.

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    Default Re: Backhoe for Kubota L3410...Need some advice

    Don't know much about Bushhog's Backhoe's...but I have one of their front end loaders with quick attach bucket on my kubota M6800. Very rugged and well built. No cheap welds or flimsy thin metal parts here.


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