I've had much experience with PTO driven, 3 point mounted chippers... both disc chippers and drum chippers. But now I am presented with a potential new (used) purchase. I have found an older Lickety Hammer Mill "Chipper". The unit is PTO driven, but is not 3 pt. mounted. The unit appears extremely well built, implying it was made for truly heavy duty use. The swinging hammers are flat steel, approximately 3/4" in thickness and reversible. The screen is about 3/4" also implying larger chips and probably some chards also? The unit was used to chip hardwood up to about 6" diameter... I guess it works like a tub grinder, in that it just "eats away" at anything and ultimately "digests" it?

I have used hammer mills in fixed locations to pulverize bark to produce bark mulch. All of these units I have used were all powered by high (>75 HP) three phase electric motors with tons of torque. Universally they get the job done, but are noisy. I will only be able to produce about 40 PTO HP.

My direct question: Does anyone own or know of the Lickety Hammermill Chipper? Limitations? Virtues? Why are they no longer produced? Is the Lickety company still in existance? Am I bargaining for a headache? Any information is truly appreciated!