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    Default garden planting

    Need suuggestions for preparing seed beds, rows, and a planter for 32hp tractor.....Thanks

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    Default Re: garden planting

    Greg (and wen), I just got through with a response to the planter question and then saw this one, so you made me curious enough to call my dealer. They don't stock that kit I mentioned anymore, but it was made by Stanton Small Implement in Stanton, TX, and included a "5' double tool bar with 6 shanks so you could put moldboard, double buster, cultivators, and planter on it." He said he sold several and then had one for months before it sold and he quit stocking them, and couldn't find their phone number, but that he was sure you could call information for Stanton, TX, and get it.

    Now for the response to this post[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]. Are you starting a new garden that hasn't been cultivated yet? I like to use a moldboard plow to tear the ground up as deep as possible, then the tiller. I don't have anything against commercial chemicals really, but I don't use any in my garden. I've tilled in cow manure, rabbit manure, wood chips, and straw, and I sent off soil samples for analysis, and learned it just couldn't get much better. For marking the rows, I simply drive a steel stake in the ground at each end and stretch a string between them and follow the string with my planter.


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