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    Default PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    So I have started to read the threads about PTO chippers and these things have my attention. Particularly the Woodmaxx Hydro for my lil BX 23s tractor..... Here is my question. I have a grapple that I take limbs and brush and carry it to my brush pile and burn the brush pile when it gets big enough to burn. So in the is scenario, it doesn't appear I would need a chipper. For the guys who have them, why do you have them? Don't want to burn? Not allowed to burn? What am I missing. They look cool and I want once just not sure if I need it or not....I have however, bought tons of stuff that are cool that I don't need LOL. Thanks for the tips.....
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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    Burning restrictions mostly. I also found that cleanup after limbing a tree is a lot faster. I pick up the branches once, then straight into the chipper.
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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    You don't need one unless you do.
    Yes you can burn sometimes but maybe there is a burn ban when you want to burn. Maybe it is due to air quality, maybe due to fire risk during dry months.
    Maybe you want the chips for making trails or lining trails, maybe you want to be more ecological and put more nutrients back into the soil at a different rate and with more natural material.

    I would not be without a chipper and I would not be without my masticator/mulcher. (think chipper on tracks that mulches/chips as you go)
    I also have a fire-trailer that I bring on site when I have to/want to burn slash.

    If you would always burn as your preferred method and never have a reason not to burn (read as regulatory restrictions or not smart time due to dry conditions) and have no requirement or use for the chips, then you should not waste you money on a chipper. Otherwise they are a great tool.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    I want a chipper but this is more what I had in mind. Fast tree and land clearing with disc mulcher! - YouTube

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    We live in a National Forest. The Forestry dept keeps close watch on burn piles...especially during dry spells. They use helicopters to monitor. We have alot of trails so we use the chips for the trails. Also use them for erosion control on our 24 acres. We burn firewood so anything up to 4 inches goes through our WoodMaxx 8H. Every once in awhile I will go rent a commercial mulcher to clean up bigger piles. I can drive through the forest and chip as I go with the WoodMaxx.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    As others mentioned - burning regulations in Alexandria, Va.
    But also -
    I've a 1/4 acre lot that that had been gone to nature for 30 years. Trees, sapling, briars, vines. After cleaning up I needed mulch.

    These pics show maybe half the stuff I took out.

    PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?-8x6-brushpile1-jpg

    PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?-8x6-brushpile2-jpg

    My choices were cart it to the dump myself in my F350 - about $15 dump fee and 30 miles of driving, plus labor of loading and unloading and I guessed at 10 loads AT LEAST. So I estimated $500
    Pay a trashhauler to haul it - based on getting dirt trucked on a later project about the same - $500
    Pay the county at ~$60 per 8'x4'x4' tied/bundled load
    Rent a chipper for about $800 week
    Buy my Jinma 8" chipper for ~$1,700.

    Since I knew I would use the chipper later in Mississippi I bought, got good use out of it and have used it several times in Mississippi.
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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    All of the above...........

    In my case i had already bought a stand alone chipper/shredder (MacKissic). I like it for small jobs and use the shredded/chipped debris for mulch and walkways on my little three acres and around some of my kids' places in residential neighborhoods. It can be towed by itself to their place.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    Burn permits are essentially impossible to get in our county. At least half the year it's too dry to burn even if I could get a permit (and we're in a wet area of California). It's tough to give away good firewood and I generate far more than I could ever burn. Anything that fits in the chipper gets chipped. Getting a rental anything takes a number of hours and I'd have to manuver a trailer up to where the piles are. The grapple helps with that but a pile built by grapple is harder to pull material from than one piled by hand.

    I have a Woodmaxx 8H which I have generally been happy with. My Branson has 32 PTO HP and I sometimes wish for more when chipping 5" or larger material. I have to slow the feed way down and sometimes stop the feed entirely if the chipper slows too much. Woodmax say the 8H can go on tractors with much lower PTO HP but I wouldn't do it unless you're only chipping small diameter material. The chipper is the one attachment that makes me wish I had more power.

    If you can burn legally and safely then there's a lot less reason to have a chipper.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    The biggest reason I want a wood chipper is to scare the **** out of my daughter's boyfriend. Just by coincidence I may happen to be cleaning/greasing/test running it when he comes by. Might make the conversation a bit more meaningful for him...

    Actually, I do want a chipper, but I want a stand alone one, not one driven by my tractor's pto. Same goes for a wood splitter. I'll be bringing material to the chipper and splitter WITH the tractor. I don't want it tied down to the tool I'm running.

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    Default Re: PTO Chipper, Why Do I Need One?

    I bought a ~$400 Harbor Freight chipper shredder.

    Then before I'd even used it, I discovered my local landscaping supply will let me dump limbs for $6/yd.

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