Apparatus and Controls for special needs of operators.
We are always pleased to assist in design-fabrication and/or installation of apparatus and controls for special needs of operators. For 42 years we've done this A COST and our entire organization really enjoys the opportunity to assist. We are usually successful in the operational goals. However there are some situations that we just can't make workout for a "safe operating situation."

Last year we fitted approx. 10 tractors with specials needs apparatus and fitted a M 8200-4wd and a B 2710 for paraplegic operators including a RH clutch operation fabrication requiring very little hand/forearm strength to manipulate. This was really a tough challenge and our service team worked many overtime hours testing 4 or more systems before we found the right one.

Each tractor model and operator requires different fabrications-measurements and apparatus for safe operator-comfort and enjoyment.

I'm happy to share ideas, years of pitfall experiences, and suggestions to other dealers (all brands) in serving operators.

I try to personally manage the projects so if you have a need email

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