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    Default Kubota Tillers

    Hi! I have a B2150 and am looking for a tiller. I saw a used one advertised but it only had "kubota 1520" advertised.

    I have been comletely unable to find specific info about Kubota Tillers and model numbers on the internet. Can anyone tell me if a "Kubota 1520" will fit on the B2150 or is it too big?

    Has anyone seen a web site with specifics on Kubota tillers?

    Thanks everyone.....


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    Default Re: Kubota Tillers

    Hi Tim,

    I believe a kubota "1520" is sort of general as the 1520 refers to 1520 mm or 60" in width. I believe the B2150 is rated at 24 HP (according to TractorSmart anyway[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]) which is the same as my B2410. I think the manual limits the tiller width to something like 50" (don't have my manual with me) but I believe I will be going with a 54-56" tiller. Don't think the 60" would be a problem as long as your soil isn't really hard or rocky. Just MHO.


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    Default Re: Kubota Tillers

    Hi Tim,

    The kubota Tiller sales material says the right model for your B2150 is the FL1021C or Fl1021RC (R=Reverse).

    PTO HP Rating: up to 21
    Width: 47"
    Tilling Width: 40"
    Weight: 540lbs.
    Blades: 16
    Centeral and Offset mount.

    The FL1521C is probably a little too big (25-30HP PTO recomended).

    Any simmiliar tiller should work.


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