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    Default caroni mower

    Can anyone tell me anything about a caroni finishing mower sold by Agr-Supply?

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    Default Re: caroni mower

    Jim, don't know about the finish mower but I've got a 54" tiller that seems pretty good.
    I've looked at their FM too but for the $999 opted for a used
    Ford for $250 and made some modifications.


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    I don't know what size you are considering but I just got a 91" rear discharge unit and must say that I am underwhelmed. I paid $1400 with shipping .

    The primary problem is the wheels. They are hard rubber and only about 3 1/2 inches wide. They are positioned near the outer edge of the deck. This creates several problems. First the placement of the wheels makes it very difficult to mow very close. They snag branches of pine trees and shrubs. If you try to back up close to something to trim, when the wheel swivels for forward travel, it scrapes against whatever you were trying to trim next to.
    Second, the tires leave impressions in the grass. In my lawn, they sunk in at least an inch. Once the leading mower wheels packed the grass down into the groove, the blades didn't have enough lift to suck the grass up. The back wheels track right behind the front ones, pushing it down even worse. The next day, I had these stipes of uncut grasss that was two inches longer than the rest of the lawn. Looked real bad.
    With the wide-set wheels and the deck sinking into the turf, it made it very easy to scalp. No option for an anti-scalp center roller either
    In defense of the mower, we had gotten alot of rain and the ground was quite soft. (but then again, that is when the grass is growing the fastest) I mowed again after no rain for a few days and it was not quite as bad but you can still easily see(and feel) the wheel tracks. I think the rear discharge Woods or LandPride have a better design. They have air or foam filled tires and the rear wheels are set in slightly to allow less compaction and easier trimming. They also have three large blades instead of 5. This may give more lift.

    Sorry for the long reply but this is some info I wish that I had before getting my unit. I have some calls into Agri-supply to discuss what to do about the situation.

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    After speaking with various people at Agri-Supply, I finally found out that an air tire option is available for this unit. It has different mounting brackets, etc. They are sending at no charge to see if this helps.

    True to their guarantee, They have offered to take the whole thing back if I am not satisfied. No haggling required.

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