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    Default Great Bend Loaders

    I was thinking of getting a GB loader for my NH 1220. Would like
    to here from some people with GB loaders. Are they easy to put on and take off ? Any other info would be appreciated.
    Also is $2300.00 not installed a fair price?

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    Default Re: Great Bend Loaders

    I have a GB 260 loader on my 4300, It takes me about 3 min. on or off. You do have to remove two nuts and four hoses, then your free to go. I don't know what model of loader your refering to, but I give $3200 for mine.

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    Default Re: Great Bend Loaders

    Don't have a Great Bend.........yet, but have been looking seriously at one for my B7100. Dealer has been real helpful (course, he'll do anything for a sale) and let me take one off and put it back on. I invested about a half an hour doing this, and understand that included talking, drinking coffee, and occasionally working on the loader. Not hard at all and no smashed fingers. As soon as I can free up $2,800 (installed), I'm a'gonna get one. $2,300 sounds pretty good.....and for the work involved in hooking one up, might want to have the dealer install.

    Bob Pence

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