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    Hayden, I have a question for you.
    After using the Woods and KB backhoes, if the mid-mower was not a factor. What would be your choice for a B7500 or B2410 (still haven't quite made up my mind) the Woods is
    + $615.

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    Thanks Peter! Looks like there will be a backhoe in my near future. I guess you could tell that I was pretty hard to convince. Like you, fun is a big part of the equation. Convienence is another big part. Convincing the wife is the biggest part but a year ago she thought a tractor was silly. Now she loves it, can't imagine how we'd get along without it. I'll just remind her of that! Surley that plan will work!


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    Default Re: Backhoes & 3 point connections

    Always happy to further the curruption of a tractor fanatic!


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    Dear Peter and friends,

    My Kelley backhoe has been delivered back to me from the Kelley/Deere dealer with all new "updated" parts installed.

    In short, it now works like a dream.

    Apparently, the backhoe hydraulics was installed wrong when the backhoe was assembled. There is no longer any "surge." This "surge" is what was stressing the parts. I have yet to find out if that was a factory incident or a dealer incident. I may never find out. But the dealer was very accomodating.

    The 3-point setup feels much better now. No jerky movements whatsoever. One almost forgets there is a kubota in front of the backhoe while operating the hoe now. All the stress seems to be directly on the stabilizer legs (as it ought to be.)

    I did talk to a nearby Kubota dealer about the reinforcement parts Peter talked about. They seem to think the 7500 has "reinforcement parts" on it already(!?). And to reinforce it further, a subframe is the only alternative (They think I don't need it). Since this Kubota dealer sells almost exclusively to wine growers, perhaps they may not be the best authority on backhoes.

    [I bought the new Kelley backhoe from a John Deere dealer because it was inexpensive ($4800), in stock, and the people there were nice to me. The dozen or so Kubota dealers I contacted wanted $6500 up, and did not have one in stock.]

    I shall continue to learn more about reinforcing tractors/hoes as everybody suggested and report back if something "eventful" happens.

    Thanks for all your help and this is a great website!

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    If anyone is interested in a Kelley B750 we are selling them complete for $3600.00 with a 15" bucket.For a freight quote email your zip code to

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