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    Default Questions about Tilt&Tip

    To all you Tilt & Tip Owners,

    When you replaced your links with a hydraulic cylinder, did you keep the Ball Joints that are typically on the link ends? I see that it's pretty easy to get a hyd. cylinder of the correct dimensions that will take the right size pins to work. Looks like if you do it that way though you're gonna eventually ruin the cylinder by twisting it from implement sway.

    I guess the easiest way to do it would be to buy a hyd. cylinder with the correct size ball joints already attached to the ends, but that's something I haven't found yet. Does anyone know of some sources for those? The rest of the hydraulics is nothing to come up with...

    Or, did you end up fabricating the links yourself? I realize that one could attach the ball joints to the hyd. cylinder ends, and I can weld and cut metal and all that . . .

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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    Default Re: Questions about Tilt&Tip

    Caretaker, you definitely want the ball joints on the cylinder ends. And you can do it either way; buy cylinders from Tisco, Gannon, and I've forgotten who all else that have the ball joints already on them, or buy cylinders, then buy the ball joints and weld them on. If you do the weld on type, you need to know what you're doing to avoid damaging the seals, of course.


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    Default Re: Questions about Tilt&Tip

    Bird has it right, Gearmore also sells the whole TnT kit. One other thing is to get the verbage correct, its Top and Tilt at both the Gannon and Gearmore sites. Rat...

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