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    Default Rock and Debris Separator

    I've seen devices you dump a scoop of dirt onto with your FEL and through a series of "screens" it filters the dirt from the big stuff. I'm considering building something along these lines but wondered if anybody else had tried this. I have lots of rocks and tree debris to separate from the dirt. Help.


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    Well, this is a good news bad news answer. First the good news: yes this is a doable sized diy project and "sometimes" the screens separate dirt from rocks. You CAN select/separate based on size , gravel, sand and the like B U T (here is the bad news) often dirt clods don't break up and go with the rocks. Some sort of mechanized shaker or stomper is needed if your dirt is in large hard lumps.


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    Prior owner of our current house had set up a baseball batting cage for his kids using galvanized chain link fencing and pipes. With leftover material, he build a screen. He hooked one end to a rock upcropping and supported the other end of the fencing with pipes. Imagine a lean-to made out of chain link. His clean dirt fell through to be scooped up by his FEL from the open side of the lean-to. I guess he used the FEL to scrape or knock the stones off the fencing.

    This was all torn down before we bought the house, so I only saw it once.......RCS (formerly the unsubscribed "Rich S.")

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    We use a stone fork on our skid steer to pick up construction site debris before sodding. It is basically a bucket made out of rods with a bump at the tip, so the stones don't fall out.We got it at our local dealer through Woodhouse. I think they get them from Canada.

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    You can rent a tool called a "Rock Hound" from a rent-a-tool place. It attaches to the front of a Bobcat. You have to operate the Bobcat in reverse-- it scoops up a load of dirt, whips it around with tines pulverizing clods, then the fine soil filters through a screen and the rocks are retained in the hopper. You then dump the rocks in a pile somewhere. I priced the complete setup at $275 per day.

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