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    Default Rotary Cutters

    Ok guys - I need a new and improved 72" industrial strength cutter - who makes the best one? We will use the cutter behind a JD 4700 for whacking sage brush and rather large willow bushes (5') that have invaded our pasture. We were looking at the JD MX6 - Brush Hog 406 or 306. Your experienced comments will be appreciated before I lay down the green for the brush monster - by the way new JD 4700 is awsome and going great guns!!!!!!

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    I have had a "Cimmaron" 6 ft brush hog for almost a month. It is very heavy duty. the deck is reinforced with channel not bar or angle, thicker gauge all round, larger gear box, better stump jumper, clutch instead of shear bolt. It is specked for 40 to 75 HP at the PTO. With HST tranny L4610 kubota rating is 39.5 HP at PTO so I can run the beast but probably won't tear it up with excessive power. I have been running over 2 to 2 1/2 in saplings of various species. I gotta slow down due to HP limitations in groves of saplings but it takes a lickin' and keeps on cuttin'. Sometimes (like eatin' trees near top of my pond dams) I use the hydraulic top link + the 3ph to raise it way up and back into them then lower it down on them, chewing them up and spitting them out. It has dangling chains around it to keep from throwing too much stuff around but on ocassion it will spit out a 2 ft x 2 - 2 1/2 inch "log". I do this in an area where the cattle aren't and no one is in sight, for safety considerations.

    I'm not sure where this model is distributed. I got mine from Chaprell Chry-Ply-Jeep-Dodge-Kubota in Ada, Oklahoma. Surely they could put you in contact with a source. attn: Art or Kevin


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    Patrick, I only recently heard of Cimmaron implements for the first time; don't know how long they've been around. Anyway, I was talking to my dealer about landscape rakes. He stocks Bush Hog implements, but told me he could get the Cimmaron much cheaper and that he couldn't tell the difference in the two rakes, except that the Bush Hog weighed a little more and cost a lot more. He said the Cimmaron implements are made in Mexico.


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