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    Default When to use Stay Rods

    When is it appropriate to use Stay Rods (parts 4 and 5 on attachment)? Sounds like they are not intended for use when brushhogging, but maybe only when pulling a trailer? Any other uses for them?
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    Default Re: When to use Stay Rods

    Yes they are really only used for fixed drawbar work like pulling a trailer or manure spreader or the like.They are intended to take the load off the lift arm bushings by transfering the load to the top link pin. They will also keep the drawbar at a fixed height. Do not use them for three point implements.

    By the way, you might want to check out the N Board at .

    Those guys have helped me out many times on my 2N ( 1947 ) .

    By the way , if you are going to do any work with a bushog , get yourself an overrunning clutch ( ORC ) - about $ 50-60 at Tractor Supply . Since your 8N does not have live PTO , if you do not have an ORC , the momentum of the blades on the bushog will shove your tractor forward after you mash in the clutch. You can get a very nasty surprise like that .


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    Default Re: When to use Stay Rods

    In addition, these stay rods also hold the arms fixed for using a one-way hyd. ram plumbed into a port on your hyd. system. Then the 'lift' control operates the ram rather than the 3pt arms (which are fixed and can't move). Real advanced and handy in their 'day'.

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