I have a 4720 / 58hp total

I'm just thinking about next spring when I will plant my garden. This year with the tractor instead of by hand like I did last time.....

I'm wondering how many rows/plows/busters ? my tractor can be expected to pull.

My home came with some implements, one of them is a 3 row lister type plow. I havn't tried doing anything with it yet but hoping I can pull 3 rows. I feel certain 4 rows would be toooo much.

I also have a couple two row planters which I feel will be fine.

I wonder if the previous owner didn't use the lister to prepare the land and then come in with the 2 row planter to put in the crop.

I really havn't even looked if the lister and planter and set up and spaced for the above scenario but I figure they probable are.

He ( and i previously) had a MF230... Good bit less hp, I'm not sure what the weight was on it. If he used the 3 row lister with it I would think I'd be ok with the 4720 at nearly twice the hp and with 4wd.

Also I have at my disposal a knifing rig (2 row). I really goofed by not at least laying the rows with tractor last year. No way to cultivate... My hoeing hours took away a LOT of time from the seat of my new tractor.