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    Default Changing from loader to front snowblower

    I would like to hear from anyone who exchanges their loader for a front snowblower in winter. Which tractor in the 20-35 hp range is the easiest and quickest to make this exchange. I'm colorblind so I am interested in hearing from Deere, kubota and Boomer owners. Thanks to all who respond.

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    Default Re: Changing from loader to front snowblower

    It is a very quick process to switch either way with John Deere compacts assuming the loader and snowblower are also JD. Loader installation/removal takes maybe 2-3 minutes. To install the snowblower, a small bracket (with the hydraulic lift cylinder) is attached to the front of the tractor (2 bolts and a pin), a driveshaft from the Mid PTO to the front of the tractor is snapped into place, then you drive forward into the arms of the snowblower, snap the latches into place, and connect the PTO shaft to the blower and 4 hydraulic hoses to the same ports as used by the loader. This takes 15 minutes at most. Very fast and easy with no manual lifting. I have a JD 955 but the same type of connections are used on the 4000 series tractors.

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    Default Re: Changing from loader to front snowblower

    Thanks Jack. I guess the lack of responses from blue and orange indicates that the JD is the easiest.

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    Default Re: Changing from loader to front snowblower

    Basically the same routine with a kubota B7500HST - just a quick detach of the blower and hydraulic lines, roll away the blower, hook up the loader, and drive away.

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    Default Re: Changing from loader to front snowblower

    If you are not absolutely set on a front mount blower, consider a 3ph blower and leave your loader on - it gives the tractor a lot more utility. You can pull snow away from doors/buildings that you can't get at with a blower - you can "blade" a light snow much more quickly - plus it's a whole lot can use the money saved to by a couple more 3ph implements!

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