Sorry it took so long. Normally I do OK at computer programmng. I think I got caught between a server that was offline and a couple of spaces in my URL text.

Thanks to all who were patient with me.

Oh, yeah, she has enjoyed having that beast around as much as I have. Boy, talk about a back-saver!

She doesn't drive it much though. Mary's usually the one up to her knees in garden dirt while I'm running off to get another load of compost or dirt etc.

She's a great manager too. She points to where I'm supposed to go and tells me what she wants moved/removed.

She won't mow the lawn though. We have a rear mount 6 foot finish mower. With our steep yard and lots of trees, it's pretty tough to mow.

For those that want to see what a B2400 HSD can do, I'll post a photo of our mowing process next week. This is a photo of our dirveway up to the house. The woodchip pile is about 40 feet long in this photo. There's another 20 feet behind the camera.