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    Default 4 in 1 buckets verses Grapples

    Have seen a small picture of a "Long" grapple setup for a bucket on the net. (possibly Carver's?)
    Have seen a 4 in 1 bucket up close and don't know manufacture.

    Has anyone information on vendors and web sites that might have detail and priceing? Personnel use and pro's and con's?

    I know the extra plumbing involved and a little more wieght out front but are they worth the effort. I plan on using it as a way to clear away debris from logging and the like and sift dirt out for burning. The smaller sticks and stones will be pile composted but like brush rakes on the dozers, this seems to me to be a good way to clean up.

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    Default Re: 4 in 1 buckets verses Grapples

    I suppose the grapple bucket would be very handy if all you wanted to use it for was picking up brush, etc. If you want versatility, though, go for the standard 4-in-1.

    As for whether they're worth it or not, once you've used one, you'll wonder how you did anything before.


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