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    Default Re: How to start a rotary cutter?

    mlmartin is right; tractors are just noisy (wish the manufacturers would come up with better mufflers). Of course, if you're satisfied with the performance of your mower at lower rpm (1700 seems really low), I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but you won't hurt the tractor to run it at the 540 PTO speed.


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    Default Re: How to start a rotary cutter?

    Hi ya
    hey has ya tractor had a new clutch ??sounds like it maybe out of adjustment ,i worked for a guy years ago and had his clutch done they got the main clutch right but stuffed up the pto we tryed starting it with the pto in gear but cooked his starter .if mine i'd look in to it a bit more maybe even start a new message and pick these guys brains
    catch ya
    JD Kid

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    Default Re: How to start a rotary cutter?

    The other guys are right on target about hearing protection. One hour of tractor use is equal to a full 8 hours of factory work @ 85dBs. Howard Leight makes a new head phone called the "Leightning" that reduces continuous dBs by 29dBs but allows shorter term sound (conversation)to penetrate.

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