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    I can buy a new Kelley B750 for my JD4400 for about $4100 delivered to Texas. I have read a lot about Woods BH and the BH's supplied by JD & Kabota but not much about Kelley. Is this a good BH and how does it compare to Woods in quality and price. Thanks JT

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    I have had a kelley on my tractor for about 6 years. I have put one seal kit in the boom cylinder and replaced the bucket teeth. I liked their 3pt hookup, simple but strong, and the price was right.The hoe has about 450 hrs on it.

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    I know nothing abou the Kelley BH but something about the JD48. The JD 48 goes on and off the tractor pretty easily. I assume the JD 47 is similar. The posts I have read about other backhoe seem to indicate some bolts have to be messed with to get the non JD backhoes off the tractor. On the JD48 you add/remove a couple of pins, connect/disconnect hydraulic hoses and use the rocker arms to get the backhoe mounted/unmounted. Pretty simple for the most part. Certainly easier than messing with bolts.

    If you are going to consider a backhoe have the dealer show you how to mount/unmount the implement.


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