Thanks for all the feed back.

Snell, I'll check out the stamp when I get back. I need to go to Fla for a few days to help my Mother. Thanks very much for the great info!

Doc, I know I shouldn't be taking down 15' pines, but I've never had a problem until the new blades. I have a slip clutch, when I hit something too big I know it right away and lift the cutter up.

GlueGuy, the way I cut the trees is to lower my loader bucket to 2 feet or so above the ground, leave the tooth bar on, and lower the front edge of the bucket. This does several things: It hopefully finds the rocks and stumps before the cutter does, 'cause in heavy brush I sure can't see them. Second, it works like a battering ram. When I mow in heavy briars, brush, or trees it knocks them over, they sort of slide under the 5400s belly, and then get whacked by the cutter. I could never cut the big stuff without a slip clutch on my brush cutter.

Y'all should know that my deck looks like it's been through a war, but everyone's brush cutter that I've ever seen, if it's been used a lot, looks like mine. I have a round indentation on the top plate, and now thanks to my broken blades I have what appears to be a gun shot (rifle) through the side plate.

This winter I'll weld on some new plates to reinforce the Bush Hog.

Thanks for y'all help. Got to get on the road.

Bill Cook