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    Default Landpride HD Back blade

    I was looking to buy a Heavy Duty back blade that will rotate, tilt, and can be offset. I also wanted something that has a 16 - 18 inch high blade to move snow in the winter. I have seen Bushhog and Landpride, and several other less popular brands. Any comments, suggestions, or recommended prices would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    I have a Bushhog model 70-06. Used it on my JD 4400 to scrape a lot of snow last winter & it worked great. Chris

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    Default Re: Landpride HD Back blade

    I have a Landpride Series 35 8' blade that has all the capabilities you mentioned. Plus it has a trailing gauge wheel controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, that makes it very easy to do fine grading because the wheel rides on the already-graded surface and keeps the blade from reacting to irregularities in the surface ahead of it. Also, the optional side plates allow it to work much like a box scraper for carrying dirt.

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    I have a Landpride HD 5' blade that I use with my JD4100. Plowed some snow this past year and it worked great. I bought the skidshoe attachments for an extra $100 and they are well worth it. How I plow snow is to attach the skidshoes so they extend 1-2" below the blade, tilt the blade at an angle, and plow in reverse. I like to backblade when plowing instead of cutting. Does just as good job at snow removal, but it doesn't cut into your soil or gravel.

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    In 1990 I used a Landpride blade on a 70 Hp 4Wd CIH. The Blade did not last. It wore at every swivel point and was easy to bend. I forget the model, but it was rated for CIH tractor. It had tilt,side swing,etc. For us it had good features, but was underspeced for the cost. We replaced the Landpride with a heavier Leon rated 70-120? hp. A much better constucted blade. It is used on our 6600 Valmet which can be a too aggressive tractor for this blade rating. The Leons 3Pt hitch attach A frame had to be redesigned with a higher top link point. Although Leon has never confirmed this design flaw(after many e-mails and discussions),they have modified their current models. I feel you should take a look at them. Jim

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    Thanks for the input guys. I got what I felt was a pretty good deal on a 7' 35 series blade, and with your input, whent ahead and purchased it.

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