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    Default quick attach buckets

    Does anyone know of a kit that can be purchased to convert a loader to a quick attach bucket system? Mine is a JD755 with a 70 loader and I would like to change between buckets and forks quickly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: quick attach buckets

    On my Ford NH I just replaced the bucket bolts with pull pins which speeded up things tremendously. Still it was a hassle, the bigger the tractor the more the hassle in dealing with the bucket unless you have a nice flat preferably cement pad to set tractor and bucket on (level).

    On my kubota I went to the type where you have brackets on the loader bucket and can just drive up and hook the forks on without removing the bucket.

    You lose lift ability by leaving the bucket on, but can use it pretty darn quick, instead of trying to pick something up with the bucket that you know would be much easier with forks.

    The type that hang on the bucket are also different in that you can't point them straight down to nudge stuff, they just hang limp when the bucket is curled down. My fixed mount attachement on my Ford I used to move logs around with the tips of the forks, and when I put the logs on the pile as a log rolled off the forks I'd tip the bucket up and "throw" the log up and back farther on the pile. Was able to make a nice pile that way. Wouldn't want to try that move with the hang on the bucket type.
    (Safety note...I learned that when making a log pile if you leave the branch stubs on it keeps the pile from ever rolling)

    I was also using the forks to lift stumps, eventually I bent one of the forks, which really weren't designed for that type of work. Took the rear fork attachment with the HD forks, and welded the whole thing on to my previous loader attachment. That works fantastic but of course I have to pull the bucket.

    I think overall the "hang-on-the-bucket" forks will be great for one lift and back to the bucket.


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    Default Re: quick attach buckets

    The kubota Quick Attach Bucket Kit is really neat. It adds hooks for the top pins, and reduces the time down to a couple of minutes to unhook and rehook to the loader.

    The quick attach kit I saw was for an older John Deere tractor and worked almost exactly the same way. Does the JD dealer have this accessory to fit your loader and bucket as they are not the same for all loaders? I also saw two of them that were just welded to resemble the store bought one. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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