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    Default Quick attach bucket brackets

    I have a MF 1433V tractor with a 1466 FEL. If you saw my other post you know I'm thinking about a stone bucket, and I'm also looking to make a set of forks by fall so I'm thinking about a QA method of attaching the bucket(s). I know MF offered some sort of set-up when I bought the tractor. Scanning through the various forums here I see many people referring to Skid Steer brackets. Where does one buy these? Any input on the various QA systems for buckets would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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    Default Re: Quick attach bucket brackets

    Just about any place that sells loader attachments sell the plates. Some members on here have bought for e-bay even. I will also say the the QA that MF has is very inexpensive and works very well. It will work with any attachment that will pin onto the loader. It is quick and easy and you don't have to look for a compatible product. The only draw back with MFs pin on set-up is if you are going to be renting attachments.

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    Default Re: Quick attach bucket brackets

    I have the MF quick-attach that Jerry mentioned and I thought it was inexpensive and it works well. When fabricating my pallet forks we made the plates for the fork framework side of the quick-attach but could have bought them through my dealer... $80 comes to mind but not sure. Making them isn't a problem though. To ensure alignment we put the pins through the plates and had them mounted in the quick-attach on the FEL, with the forks flat on the ground; tacked it all good while it was on the FEL with the plates against the forks frame. Then removed it and finished welding it up.
    Friend of mine did the welding. Where the pins go through the plate we welded some sort of steel rings that I got at the welders supply, about 1/4" thick X 3/4" long for the pins to go through and ride as a sleeve or wear surface. Don't remember what he called them but it's apparently a readily available item if you know what to ask for.

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