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    Default Trim and Tilt

    I don't have trim or tilt on by Landpride 6' box scraper but have have found that it would be very useful. The manual way of doing it is extremely hard without being able to turn around, without having to readjust. What can I expect to pay for the hydraulics and what is a good brand to look for? I know it will be expensive but you get what you pay for. Is it hard to hook up and will a manual come with installation instructions? I will install it myself. Thanks

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    Default Re: Trim and Tilt

    Other then oil, this topic is probably the most discussed. By the way its called "Top and Tilt" or "Top N Tilt". Gannon, Gearmore are to well known brands. Expect to pay about $150 to $300 per cylinder depending on size and quality. Controls vary by a huge amount. Prince controls from Northern Tool are easy to obtain by going to their web site. Gannon and Dinoil make some very nice controls that are well made. Hoses and couplings will add a significant amount to the cost as well. The whole thing should be around $1000 depending if you go 3 valve or 2 valve. In the end, if you do any blade or box work, it is well worth the cost. It adds so much versatility to your tractor, you will wonder how you ever did without it. Do a search on this site, there is lots of info about it. Harv I think it was had about a 5 zillion reply about this subject, Rat...

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    Default Re: Trim and Tilt

    We put tilt-n-trim on out tractor from the start. I bought a new kubota and had two extra valve ports put on then (cost about $1200). I then went to the local farn supply store and bought stock two way cylinders (about $60.00 each), had to reweld the connection for the top link but boy was it worth it. Now can tilt any implement to & fro and side to side.

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