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    WOW, a foldable bucket. Much better idea. Now all you will need is some orange paint. Wouldn't Ma and Pa 'bota be proud.

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    <font color=blue>but there is the "storage" issue. I wouldn't want to take up room in my shop/garage</font color=blue>

    My father-in-law made one similar for his 8N's 3ph (no FEL) and uses door hinges at the corners. Simply pull the hinge pins and fold it flat for storage.


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    Snowman -

    The obvious concern, of course, is the weight of the material you intend to transport. It will be sticking way out in front of your tractor, so you'll need some significant rear ballast. I have filled tires and always have my boxblade attached, which seems to work pretty well. I think if you use ballast, keep the scoop a reasonable size and go slow, you should be okay.

    Getting your dirt into the scoop could be tedious, fer sure. Maybe you should run out and buy a second tractor for that part of the job. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    This has been something I too have been chewing on.
    I was think more along the line of a scoop contraption that you could haul to location of brush, mulch etc., set down on ground on one side of pile, move tractor to other side of pile and either use FEL to load the contraption or use the box blade to push whatever in it. ???
    When it was loaded go back pick it up and go dump. All without getting off tractor of course. But of course you have to have someway to secure / tie-down the contraption to keep it from falling off when you dump. So I guess one time down off the tractor is not too bad.
    Not sure how it will work with FEL, might need forks to work best.
    I think I have seen something like this on commercial construction sites, using a "Lull" to move it around. But nothing with an open "front".
    I'll let you know when I get my prototype built.

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