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    I have a JD 790, fel. And I have been researching a backhoe attachment. Does anybody have a Kelley 600 or 750 backhoe attachment? I need feedback as I am about to make a fairly large investment with only the advice of a salesman! HELP! Any comments?

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    I own a Kelly B600. I like it real well. The only drawback is that it only rotates 165 degrees, 180 degree rotation would be a great advantage. Otherwise it's a nice unit.

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    Bought a B750 for my L4310 works great. Got it new for $3500.00 couldn't justify spending more then that for my usage.

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    The price sounds great. But, has the backhoe done any frame damage to your tractor? How hard did you use the hoe? Stumps ???

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    I ripped out a couple of small cedar tree stumps but nothing over 8 inches. The hoe came with a stablizer mounting package that solidly mounts it to the tractor, I haven't experienced any tractor frame problems but I have it on a real heavy 45 hp tractor and have used it for about 160 hrs.

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    I too have a B600. I rarely use the mounting kit. I use mine on my Zetor 25hp and my ford 3600 40hp tractors. I have dug many ditches, removed large rocks, dug up and pulled up stumps, pride up concrete, pulled out fence post, etc. I did break the original stablizer bracket(it connects your stabilizer frame to you brawbar). I easily made a thicker one in under an hours from .5" flat stock and kept on digging. My web site has some info on the b600.

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