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    Default Woods finish mower, RM-59 I think

    Old belt ran for several years, finally disintegrated. Replaced one bad idler bearing, other sheaves turn freely. New belt immediately began coming apart. What did I do wrong, or what causes premature belt wear on this mower?

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    Default Re: Woods finish mower, RM-59 I think

    The previous owner of my RM 59 claimed he had the same problem. He told me when his first belt went, he replaced it with one of the heavy duty NAPA (green) belts. It failed right away. I think he said he tried a second and the same thing happened. He went back to the standard duty belt and it was on there for years. When I got it, was already cracked and looked like it was about to go. It ran that way for at least four years until I replaced it this year.

    The only thing I can think of is some belts may not like the twists you have to put in the belt on the RM 59.


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