Rat ,

I live off Auburn-Folsom Road in Loomis. (or at least I will be when the house is done in Decenber, they are starting the cabinets and finish carpentry now). Thanks for the advice on the previous post with my fire hose questions. I was off line for a while with too much work to do. I am still busy, but need some recreation before I quite my job and buy a Jiffy Lube...[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

The Gannon Box blade has been geat. I have the 4x2 Heavy Duty High Back model. The 4x4 model is even heavier. Knock on wood, but I really don't think there is any way I could bend or break it. I saw the same 4x2 (4272HD) box blade on a 80hp JD landscape loader (210E). The end plates are 1/2" steel. The cross tube is 4" heavy tube. and the back blade is double walled and reinforced. The unit weighs about 1100lbs. Most of the hours on my tractor (~300) have been using the box blade, loader, and backhoe finish grading and putting in about 3000' of 2" irrigation pipe. I like the pipes at lease 6' down so I don't have to worry about hitting this while landscaping in the future. The fire hose installation was mainly to get enough water in the trenches to compact the decomposed granite soil.

As a side note, Based on the construction of my Gearmore log splitter, they also seem to make some great equipment. Lots on postive comments on this board.