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    Default 3 pnt adj. On brush cutter

    I feel like a fool for askin this, but I tried hooking up my king kutter rotary cutter. I got it on but i think its wrong. The front of the deck should not tilt down...right? When all is adjusted right should there be any play in the top link on the 3 point at any range of travel. If i take all the play up, when i lower the cutter it angles to the ground in the front and digs the grass up. If i adjust the top link to stop this there is alot of play in it.,
    Im lost for time to mess with it tonight

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    Default Re: 3 pnt adj. On brush cutter

    The manual for my Bush Hog states that the front of the cutter should be 2" lower than the rear for best chopping up of the weeds or brush. I adjust mine with the tractor level on a smooth surface. I keep the front of the skids about 1 1/2 inches from the ground. The top link should have some play in it so the cutter can flex up and down over terrain. The top link should only tighten up when you lift the cutter with the hydraulic lift. You may have to adjust the tail wheel up or down to get the right angle. If it is a new cutter look at the Owners Manual, if not go to any web site of a manufacturer for some instructions. I just looked at and they have manuals you can download on Adobe Acrobat for every model they sell.

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    Default Re: 3 pnt adj. On brush cutter

    Do you have the swivel on the top link? If so there has been a fair bit of discussion on here about the usefullness of that link and how the cutter should be set up. I believe the first discussion started because the cutter was rubbing the tires. I also started a link at one point because I was frustrated with the pins coming loose on the top swivel.

    Hope they help.


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