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    Default Land Pride FDR2572

    I am completing the second cutting season with this mower and in the resent past I have been mowing at night do to family & work committments. When the grass is very thick -little to long or wet, the mower has a tendancy to leave a 1 inch path of half cut grass between blades.

    I use a TC33D @ 2400RPMS and run in mid-range at about 1/3 of the way engaged (5-6MPH). I have sharpened the blades twice each season and keep the bottom clean. I was wondering from you other owners:

    1) Are all your blades the same size?
    2) Am I running at the correct RPM's v/s speed?

    I feel no drag on the tractor when is starts to leave the narrow path of half cut grass. Occationally I will hear the mower whine down a bit in real wet stuff.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions and thoughts!!!

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    Default Re: Land Pride FDR2572

    Marty -- I run the same mower on a kubota L3010 at PTO speeds, but always use low range due to the slope of my property. Never had that problem.
    1) Yes, the blades are all the same. They come in a set of 3 and that's the only way I've ever been able to purchase them.
    2) Run the tractor at PTO speed, but try driving slower in the heavy patches. You need the blade tip speed up there to do the job properly.

    Good luck! Pete

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    Default Re: Land Pride FDR2572

    I had the same problem with my air tunnel. I had to lenthen the 3 point arms out to the last pin hole. This got the mower alittle further away from the tractor. It fixed my skipping, but in tall stuff with a rear discharge you might have too high ground speed.

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