Hi ya's
well we have got to our new farm and trying to get things done ,I have got a new toy komatsu d45a dozer neat toy to have my root rake has been made for my new tractor that comes in late Oct ...I'll have to get some pics for ya's to look at bit bigger than alot of ya gear but we are all toy mad on this forum .ok a while ago someone ..woodbeef i think wrote about a thing calles a bush brute?? did anyone make one?or own one ?if so how dose it work and how good i'm thinking of making one to bolt on to a dozer blade "L" shaped with bolts at top and bottom ..does it work on small stuff even drop me a email if you have one and well chat about it i may even have to ring ya(DON'T ADD PHONE NUMBER HERE !we'll chat frist) to ask more detales as writing sometime does not cover all the points
take care
JD Kid