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    Default Post hole digger versus post hole driver?

    Before I decide an alternate approach, I am looking for some advice. I have access to a Rhino pneumatic post driver and can drive 2 7/8" pipe 3-5' into the ground. The soil is sandy with rock (Wise County, TX), so I think the 5' is do-able. I plan to make a pipe and cable (or sucker rod) fence. Will it hold up without concrete? I do not want a leaning fence over the next few years. Or, do I do the post hole digging and concrete route. Driving the fence would certainly save a lot of time, assure deeply placed pipe, and eliminate concerns with sandy soil cave-ins in the post hole drilling process. What do you think? BTW, I will have some cattle. Thanks to all.

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    Default Re: Post hole digger versus post hole driver?

    Drive 'em if you can. 3 feet deep ought to be plenty.

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    Default Re: Post hole digger versus post hole driver?

    driving is the way to go if you have the equipment to do it.

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